Physical Therapy for Seniors in Retirement Communities

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Assisted living provides old people who need additional support, socialization, and peace of mind. However, many supportive living groups offer their residents, even more for health and wellness. Residents can use a range of services in retirement communities in OKC from on-site visits to health screenings. Physical therapy services are one of the health services that can be beneficial for residents.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy concentrates on movements of large muscle. Positive physical therapy sessions could benefit seniors who have poor balance or a decreased strength in their arms or legs. Physical therapy provides a greater chance for seniors to work autonomously and lower their risk of body imbalance and to enhance or maintain their muscle tone and endurance.

Physical therapists also conduct restorative treatment for residents. Nurses or caregivers lead these restorative therapy programs and tailored to individual resident needs in retirement communities in OKC. To perform prescribed exercises that improve the range of motion and strength, the health care providers work in regular care or assistance.

Advantages of Physical Therapy

  • Better moving ability

  • Decreased pain

  • Protects from disability

  • Function restoration

Physical therapists will undertake an exam process involving the study of the patient history, system reviews and tests to identify potential and existing problems.

Physical therapists provide interventions, conduct review work, modified interventions as required to reach anticipated targets and expected results and develop and put into practice plans, based on their judgments, and on the basis of patient objectives.

Not only have we found regular exercises that support seniors in their independence, prevent frailty and improve brain function and cognition; research also suggests that it can make them smarter.

However, it is difficult for many seniors to stick to resolutions. Soreness and stress knock off the rhythm of routines. When their bodies don't cooperate, frustration and fatigue build. Moreover, it sounds better to watch TV than to sometimes sweat.

seniors performing stretching exercise at a retirement community in OKC

The best practice tips for older adults help stay safe by providing balanced, fun and independent routines.

Warm up: You've probably heard that stretching is supposed to start your practice routines – and that is not true. Walking around the hallways for a few minutes before your muscles stretches helps avoid injuries caused by stretching before your muscles are loosened.

Stretching: Just stretch as far as you can without feeling pain in your desired position, hold out for 10 to 30 seconds, then relax and breathe before stretching again.

During Exercise: During a workout, stretch 3 - 5 times to help identify or prevent muscle tightness and do not forget to complete training with a nice stretch, too.

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