How to Take Care of Hair for Older Adults?

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As we age, the anxiety of youth starts fading out, and seniors start feeling relaxed. However, of the ways people are presented to the world, our hair is a big part, and many of us want to look the best. While residing at an assisted living in OKC, caregivers make sure to follow a hair care routine for seniors.

Select the right shampoo. The right shampoo can play a significant role in the look and feel of anyone's hair. Most people know that senior citizens start to lose color when they age, so the hair gets gray. There may also be a yellow tint on the hair, however. This yellowness can be minimized by deep-cleaning shampoos such as those made with blue or violet coloring.

Help older people keep their diets healthy. Dull, dingy, yellowing, brittle and lifeless hair can be caused by poor diet sometimes. The healthier the menu, the higher the look of the hair. Some good healthy hair foods include spinach, salmon, eggs, foods for nutrients, omega-3 and citrus.

Take vitamins for your hair. Specific hair vitamins or high vitamin B and Biotin vitamins can help prevent hair loss and improve the look of the hair. It can be a great way for the elderly to solve thin or brittle hair among seniors.

Use the right products. Volumizing and thickening products can help boost thin hair and make it look more full. Heavier mousses and gels can weigh down your hair and make the scalp visible.

If possible, avoid the heat. The hair will be thinner and more susceptible to damage with age. To prevent damage, avoid over washing, curling, straightening, and blow-drying.

A Few Tips

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Simple and Realistic

With age, hair starts thinning as overall health starts declining. Some women get hair thinning after menopause, and some get it due to prolonged medical issues. Therefore, they should have a haircut according to hair texture and its changing abilities. It should be kept short and manageable. At our assisted living in OKC, our hairdresser makes sure to follow such guidelines.

Room temperature and water

Older people who have dementia may struggle with their caregivers during a hair wash session. If this is for one occasion, you can let it go. If they regularly refuse, probably they are afraid of the process, or it makes them uncomfortable.

Go Easy

Your every attempt to help your loved one could differ every day. Do it gracefully. Every attempt might not be perfect, or it is not possible. If seniors’ health issues are bothering their routines, or you are concerned about hygiene, consult your doctor.

During their stay at our assisted living in OKC if you need any specific hair care make sure to inform us. We want to do our best for you.