Mental Stimulation in Retirement Communities

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As work demands and personal responsibilities are slowed down, aging people can be easily reduced into an isolated and immobile routine. Regular television programming is easy to use, but can often lead to health problems and solitude. Consider moving to one of the retirement communities in OKC if you are concerned about how much mental stimulus you or your loved one gets if you or they live independently. A group of friends, helpful personnel, regular activities and enjoying hobbies will guarantee a full and balanced life for the older adults at the retirement communities in OKC.

Such as a key to enhancing senior mental health, are experts agree that mental health depends on various things. The best retirement communities take care of these areas. The examples are:

A Balanced Diet

Right eating can help keep one mentally good. This is the way forward: healthy whole grains, fruit, and plants. Sugary food gives a rush of sugar and then, when the sugar rush falls, you feel tired and low. The food is absorbed slowly with healthier foods and therefore no changes of mood.

Appropriate Sleep

Good sleep, especially for old adults, is essential because their sleep needs change. With age, we are sleeping lighter; it takes longer for us to rest. The sleep improves concentration, the formation of memory and restores damage to the cells.


Go each day for a walk or join a senior workout in a nearby gym. Try chair exercises if you have physical constraints. Try a dance class if you are physically capable. The retirement communities in OKC generally have this opportunity for older adults.

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Relaxing Activities

It is still important to keep a routine after retirement. The retirement is the perfect time for seniors to pursue lifelong goals, be it sewing, cooking, painting, sports, gardening, art class, etc., which can be a source of satisfaction. Everyone has a personal wish list of dreams and activities they put off for "one day." When we age, goals can turn the day of loneliness into a day of enjoyment by identifying and striving for them.

Learn Technologies

Learn how to connect with new and old friends on social media and Skype with your younger relative or friend. Time to call your family regularly and send snail mail or email letters, cards and photos.

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Time and distance make it challenging for anyone, particularly when we age, to maintain close relations with old friends. For older adults, keeping contact with essential individuals in their lives can help prevent loneliness and isolation, which can lead to depression as well as physical and mental decline. It can improve socialization if you join a club or group.

Healthy Relationship

The backbone of good mental health is good relationships. It is often regarded as the main contributor to happiness and prosperity. Our relationships provide us with an assistance system that not only helps us deal with stressors but also supports us in times of need for action, be they family, friends, colleagues or neighbors. Sharing our feelings with others is a well-established method of healing.

retirement communities okc

Where possible, animals can help to keep senior citizens active and offer their unconditional love to accompany them. Volunteering at a shelter for animals is also a good way to get connected with animals if you don't have one.

To find out about our facilities, care options, and available programs, contact the friendly professionals in Heritage Assisted Living. In OKC we have retirement communities that meet your needs or those of your loved ones. Our trained staff and vibrant members of the community support your overall well-being. Call us today, and let us know when you are ready to learn more about our facilities and services.