Why Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a form of personal care for elderly individuals who require assistance with everyday activities. Often, this care is provided in the form of a senior community where residents can live independently while still receiving the daily care they need. These facilities typically offer all, or some combination, of the following services:

• Personal grooming assistance, such as bathing and getting dressed
• Medication assistance
• Incontinence management
• Escorts to and from meal events
• Accommodations for no-salt added and no-concentrated sweet diets
• Scheduling and follow-up with physician appointments and coordination of ancillary care series, such as occupational and physical therapy

Additional medical services can be provided based on a particular resident's condition or needs. We have licensed staff members on hand 24/7 to administer care.


A resident's services and needs determine the cost of living at our facility. On top of a base rent, monthly charges will be added as they are incurred. Our pricing page has more specific information about costs.

Assisted Living vs. Living at Home

Although some potential residents and their families may be hesitant about a move to an assisted-living facility, the benefits of placing an individual in a monitored community of peers are extremely valuable in ensuring residents live comfortably, age gracefully and act independently.

Living at Home Living at Heritage
Socializing Individuals can become isolated and unable to interact with others. Opportunities for fun activities and social interaction occur every day.
Transportation Unable to leave the home without the assistance of others. Regular transportation available for appointments and special excursions.
Dining Rely on precooked food or deliveries, making it difficult to adhere to nutrition needs. Three meals a day freshly prepared and served in a dining area shared with fellow residents. Special diet considerations can be met.
Housekeeping Chores can become neglected. Our staff cleans residents' rooms and provides linen and laundry services.
Emergency Care Immediate assistance isn't always available. Our staff is available 24/7, and we have an emergency alert system in each apartment.
Exercise Difficult to provide and encourage the use of exercise programs or equipment. In-house gym and exercise/fitness classes are available daily.
Independence Dependent on the availability of family or friends to receive assistance for daily tasks. Our caring staff are always available to help residents navigate their daily lives, and fellow residents also can provide occasional assistance.