Tips on Seniors’ Nutrition You Should Know

seniors having healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the seniors is of paramount importance. It is important to maintain a proper diet along with exercises. It will help the seniors to go a long way. However, it may not be possible for seniors to take care by themselves. That is why, retirement communities in OKC has come up to help the seniors.

According to the experts of retirement communities, nutrition for the seniors are very important thing. Read on to know what nutrition the seniors should intake in order to maintain their health.

Keep your body hydrated

Drinking adequately and keeping your body hydrated is the first step of a healthy diet. Although, water is the only pure form, seniors can also indulge into soup, coffee, juice, and other healthy fluids. Drinking 2-3 liters of fluid is essential for the seniors. It is suggested to keep a bottle of water or other nutritious fluid within the reach and keep drinking whenever possible.

Make small changes in your eating habits:

It is important to satisfy your taste buds. However, when your body ages, it often becomes difficult for you to digest spicy or rich food. According to the nutritionists associated with retirement communities in OKC, seniors should make small amendments in their food habits. They should add more veggies and protein foods in their daily diet. It is also important to intake less spicy and fat-free food.

Add more fiber in your food

It goes without saying that the digestive system gets weaken with age. Therefore, it is important to consume more fiber than any other nutrients. It helps the food digest properly and without any discomfort as well. The seniors can also consult a nutritionist to understand the amount of fiber that should be consumed.

Minimize the usage of salt:

According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration reports, consumption of excessive salt may lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, it is suggested to the seniors to intake less salt while eating food. Seasoning your food with extra salt is the most dangerous thing for the seniors. The seniors can add other herbs to add a good flavor to the food and compensate the taste of salt as well.

Reduce the sugar consumption:

Refined sugar does not have any nutritious value. Rather, it can be harmful for the health of the seniors. It can lead to diabetes and other problems to the seniors. Instead of consuming sugar, eating foods that are naturally sweet are more helpful. Seniors can eat fruits, sweet peppers and yams.

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