How’s Your Life at Senior Living Community?

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Many times, a move to a senior home is mainly due to necessity. A health crisis typically forces the arrangement. However, active older adults move to senior living communities to enhance their way of life so that they become able to take advantage of the services, amenities, and options and know before they need them they have access to health services.

What Do Seniors like the Most?

Assisted living residents come from every corner of life. The choice for living in such a community is made by nurses, small business owners, big business CEOs, university professors, homemakers, lawyers, engineers, artists and more. These diverse backgrounds will open the door for great conversations and friendships amongst current residents. Moreover, most independent residents are quite active, contrary to what you might initially think.

Senior residents have an average age in the mid-80's. Although in these communities there are many couples, women are the majority of independent residents. Some people in our senior living in OKC are near the minimum age limit (usually around 65 years), but most move in from 75 to 84 years. The typical resident needs assistance with two to three daily activities such as dressing, baths, and medicine.



Our senior living center in OKC offers nutritious cuisine, even prepared for special medical requirements. Three meals a day are offered for residents to suit their changing health needs.

Daily Assistance

Our caregivers also generally assist with daily living (ADLs) activities such as bathing, dressing, and having food. One of the fundamental principles of assisted living helps older adults to continue operating as independently as possible with these ADLs.

A Safe Living

Home changes and home care are often required, which can be very costly, for safe living in the family home. Assisted living buildings are especially designed for accessibility and mobility while providing expert care and medical care if necessary.

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Socially Active

It can be isolating to live at home. When retired, older people often find it difficult to maintain social relations. Assisted living provides socialization, such as cultural or holiday events and planned activities. Daily life also offers fun and socialization for the elderly in the common areas.

Hassle-free Transport and Housekeeping

Daily tasks are often stressful not only for the elderly but for their families as well. In assisted living with housekeeping and transport services, those burdens are relieved.

At Heritage Assisted Living in OKC, our caregivers are always there to help seniors. Come to us if you have questions or would like a tour here before deciding on your stay.