Brain Games for Seniors: Why and How?

brain games for senior

Especially with the elderly era, it is essential to ensure that your mind is stimulating and engaging. There is a prevalent stereotype that seniors spend the whole day watching television in their lounges and although not for everyone, it definitely ought not to be the case. This is the reason why the retirement communities in OKC focus on the mental health of older adults and come up with many amusement facilities for their overall improvement.

In Relation with Dementia

Dementia isn't an illness. It is a symptom caused by damaged brain cells, which influence your memory, personality and decision-making. Brain damage, for example, Alzheimer's disease, a key form of dementia, could happen from head injury, stroke or disease. Another form of dementia known as vascular dementia could occur, such as uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. Blood supply to the brain is poor because of vascular dementia. It also influences memory, personality and capacity for decision-making.

Although certain forms of dementia cannot be healed and damage to the brain cannot be inverted, study reveals that it may be helpful to keep your brain active through activity, good nutrition and physical exercise. The sooner you beginning brain training, the better the advantages, like physical activity.

Benefits of Brain Games

The experts at our retirement communities in OKC think it can help increase the cognitive ability and health of the brain to take part in operations that boost your learning skills. The mental difficulty of learning abilities and simple games can increase mental well-being.

Brain games for all ages offer a variety of advantages which can enhance the mind and skills of a person. These, on the other hand, can be used to battle symptoms and deteriorate circumstances linked to age, such as dementia and Alzheimer's, which eventually contribute to a better sense of well-being.

In short, brain games can:

  • Invoke a greater sense of independence

  • Increase greater understanding of the surroundings

  • Improve the memory capabilities

  • Improve motor skills, such as drawing and writing

  • Improve concentration level

  • Develop a faster thinking skill

  • Stimulate hand-eye coordination

  • Enhance reaction

  • Develop social skills

The fact that they can be performed solo or as part of a team is among the benefits of doing brain exercises. This can have a beneficial impact on the feeling of a senior and helps them retain the abilities needed to participate in social circumstances.

Brain Games for Seniors

Senior brain games in various formats range from board games to telephone, computer and tablet games. You can also transform mundane daily operations into matches to make them exciting, such as memorizing shopping lists. Few games to enhance mental health are Memory games, Word games, Puzzle games, Board and card games, Trivia Games etc.

We have retirement communities in Heritage Assisted Living in OKC including a competent nursing establishment in a wonderful place which is readily available. We also have a distinct zone to meet special needs of the inhabitants. In addition, we perform physical, social, and intellectual operations to challenge your mind and body.

If you have questions about our facilities or services, contact our qualified nursing officials.