Assisted Living: The Basics You Need to Know

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It’s called the cycle of life and there is a valid reason for it. After birth, a child is totally dependent on its parents. It is the parents’ responsibility to help this child grow, teach language and cognitive activities. Similarly, when a person grows old, he or she becomes dependent on others around them especially their family, even to perform normal day to day activities. When this time comes you want the best assistance possible for them.

There are many misconceptions and myths about assisted living and for this reason some people think twice before opting for this kind of care. Below, we are going to discuss the idea of assisted living in OKC, its facilities and the way to choose the right one for your family.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a kind of facilitated living where the elderly and people with physical or mental disabilities can stay under medical supervision. It is a little different from a nursing home, as apart from the medical attention, the residents are provided with love, care and support for their day to day needs. The staff in assisted living in OKC are there to help the residents to not only complete these day to day activities, but to also maintain their hygiene, engage them in social activities and entertainment to ensure they can continue to enjoy their new lifestyle.

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How to Know Your Seniors Need Assistance

It is possible that your parents are getting on in years, but are physically fit to perform their daily activities. However, don’t think that just because your parents do not need any physical assistance they are completely independent. As people age they can develop many different mental deficiencies that are unapparent and can go undetected. If you pay close attention to the habits of your parents including hygiene, financial activities etc. you will get a better understanding of the situation at hand.

It is possible that your parents may become forgetful and this is something to be vigilant of. If it is getting worse day by day, it can be a symptom of dementia. This would be a situation where your parents would obviously need assistance. Check that clothes, kitchen appliances and other facilities in the house are maintained to a hygienic level, if not this could be a sign you need to start looking for assistance. Another sign could be in their financial activities. Perhaps bills that are not being managed effectively is where there forgetfulness can be responsible. Moreover, the overall monitoring of their health and mental disposition is important at this stage, along with providing adequate support and care. In the homes of assisted living in OKC, you will get exactly what your parents need.

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Facilities Assisted Living Homes Provide

The facilities vary from place to place, but talking about the basics, most facilities provide the following:

  • Regular checkups and medication.

  • Physical activities to keep the body and mind fresh. This would include socialization for keeping mental illness at bay and various amusements depending on the capability of the individual.

  • Assistance with hygiene maintenance.

  • Proper balanced diet.

  • Reassurance for family members that their relatives are being continuously cared for.

If you are searching for trustworthy assisted living in OKC you can contact Heritage Assisted Living. You will get the best facilities for your elders, while catering to their needs and preferences.