Assisted Living Homes or In-Home Care? Decide Wisely

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When you feel that your seniors are unable to take care of themselves properly, you tend to find out a proper assisted living home for them. Age and its associated decaying can make people incapable of taking care of themselves. It can affect their health, finance and overall living. Living lives on their own become very difficult and they need a support for all these things.

But when you look at the two options of assisted living in Edmond, OK, homes and in-home care, you become confused about making the right choice for your seniors. These two options are for the seniors and both have some pros and cons. Looking at those pros and cons, you will be able to decide whether you want to choose this for you or not.

Assisted Living Home

The is basically a community place where many seniors stay in different rooms or small apartments. There is a wide range of care options for the seniors here. Along with the high level of care and attention, the residents over here enjoy a lot of freedom as well.


  1. 24/7 of supervision and care.
  2. They can interact with many other seniors who stay over there.
  3. The hiring, scheduling and managing of the caregivers will not be needed anymore.
  4. There are scopes for the social interactions and other amusements.


  1. You can’t expect a one to one care from assisted living homes.
  2. If the staffs are good, the service will be good.
  3. If seniors do not enjoy group activities, it is lame to take them there.
in home care

The In-Home Care Service

It is different from an assisted living in Edmond, OK, as the seniors do not need to go the community place, rather the caregiver will be appointed to their home. They will go to the seniors’ place and provide them with the support to live their life peacefully. The meal preparation, dressing, bathing, using the toilet and many other activities are included in this service.


  1. The one-to-one care is expected from these personal caregivers.
  2. Seniors do not need to leave their own home.
  3. It is less expensive than assisted living homes.
  4. You can choose the staffs for your seniors.


  1. The cost is higher if you require 24/7 service.
  2. You need to keep a track on hiring, managing and supervising the caregivers and also arrange an alternative for any change.
  3. Social isolation may protect the privacy, but loneliness can bring in depression and anxiety.
  4. Housekeeping, maintenance, groceries and other recurring costs will not be reduced.

Contact Heritage Assisted Living for providing your seniors with an assisted living facility in Edmond, OK. According to your decision, they can arrange the service for you at an affordable price.