A Good Night’s Sleep Benefits for Seniors

senior sleeping

After a nice night's sleep, everyone feels better. Seniors should sleep for 7-9 hours each night, according to the National Institute for Aging, but most are slow to fall asleep and sleep numerous times all day. If you or someone you love is dealing with sleep problems, you need to know what is going on and what can be done to resolve them before they affect their health.

Sleep Affects Health – How?

Studies at Harvard University show that lack of sleep can contribute to medical concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity and can jeopardize the immune system–making defense more difficult to your body. It can also affect memory and concentration. Many specialists agree that sleeping is as essential as healthy nutrition and getting exercise for general health. Sleeping through the night is also essential to give your body a chance to recover from everyday wear and tear. Your body repairs damages tissue and improves the development of muscle and, even during sleep, controls hormones and metabolism.

Promoting a Geed Sleeping Pattern

Disrupted sleep often causes elderly individuals to spend a longer time in bed or to fall asleep during the day.

When you speak with a health care professional, you can take concrete measures to improve sleep pattern and quality of life for the lover with a perspective to eliminating or mitigating the causes of distressed sleep. The common causes of sleep disruption are trauma, stress, medication, physical pain etc.

You can also promote action to minimize the disturbed sleep of your beloved, including –

  • Promoting an active routine social and physically

  • A cool and dark bedroom

  • Balanced nutrition

  • Exposure to sunlight

  • Following a sleep schedule

  • Stimulant intake restriction

  • Following a soothing pre-bedtime routine

Good Night Sleep Benefit

A well-regulated sleeping routine offers many advantages and can enhance general health as well as the quality of life. By promoting a loved one to talk to a physician and to control their sleep pattern better, you can assist them with alertness, to increase memory and concentration, reduce medication, for better cardiovascular health, reduce stress and anxiety, to maintain food habit, overall with an engaged lifestyle.

Senior’s at our senior living in OKC follow a good sleep pattern which keeps them away from insomnia. At Heritage Assisted Living, we take care of them to overall well-being.