In the last few months I’ve the misfortune of being in several different types of facilities, the last one being Heritage Assisted Living. I believe I’ve found my home. This is the place that has all the things I enjoyed having at home, plus it has a lot of different activities, and the people who work here couldn’t be better. You have the peace of mind knowing that someone is here 24/7. I have not heard a cross word from any of them, and this is where I want to spend the rest of my life.
I became a resident at Heritage in September, 2005, and I have enjoyed benefits of a comfortable and very caring place to live in my retirement years. I have had three hip surgeries and I need the use of a power chair and walker to move around. Before I became incapacitated I served as a Bethany 1st Nazarene Chaplain to call on residents of facilities like this one. I chose Heritage because it offered some advantages at an economical price. After having lived here for four years, I have been extremely happy with the choice I made! There is an excellent caring group of nurses and caretakers. Heritage is owned and managed by a fine Christian gentleman. He maintains his office in Heritage and is available for any personal contact and he has a caring attitude for the residents. Some of the other many advantages that set Heritage Assisted Living apart from others are our meals, medical care and our many activities. I consider Heritage Assisted Living to be a wonderful place to live! AS YOU CAN SEE, I LIKE WHERE I LIVE!
Thanks so much for your help! We are so very pleased with our decision to move Mom to Heritage. She is loving it there, which is such a blessing to her and my sister and I. It means so much to know that she is being taken care of by such loving people. Thanks again, and be blessed! You are appreciated!
— PAM (Family Member)